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I hired Miss. Soto to help me with my filing of chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was very nervous, they helped me threw the entire thing. She was wonderful, professional, courteous. Here staff was also very helpful. During a rough tome for me, they made it easy.

I am a client of Carmen G. Soto, PA, and her amazing legal team. Every time I needed assurance or had a question it was answered. When I showed up unannounced, I was never turned away.

The knowledge and competency of her office was apparent the moment I sat down with them. It is a comforting feeling knowing that Carmen Soto and her office were 100% committed to helping me to the fullest.

Going through a Bankruptcy is an unnerving process and her whole office held my hand the whole time. Carmen exceeded all my expectations; so again, I would like to thank her and her team, for all that they have done to help me. I would recommend her to anyone who asks.

Thank you.

Three years ago a very respectable family from Florida advised us to hire Soto Law Group for our legal needs. Thank God we hear the advice! Since then Soto Law Group is in charge of all matters relating to legal advice and documents of our business. We have not given any step without consulting them. When we had to file a case in court, professionals from Soto Law Group reviewed the documentation in advance; devoted the time needed to collect every single piece of evidence; scheduled all appointments. We were frequently contacted by phone and email to review the issues of each case. They are a team of young people with enthusiasm to maintain a good reputation. What I like most about Soto Law Group, other than they have always won the cases that we have presented in court, is that they work to WIN. They don't want just to "be there". They say: "No. We have to win". Lemme tell ya: They behave like ferocious lions to defend you. And in the other hand, they make you feel protected as a child.

Servicial, honesta, profesional y con un buen sistema de tecnologia para procesar información.

Very caring and understanding. No matter what the problem she is always ready to help and very professional.

Ms. Soto is very professional and courteous.

I've used Carmen Soto as my attorney a few different times, and I have nothing but praise for her. She seems like she really knows the way the system works... which is very important. I've been very happy with her services and have no doubts as to her character, ability and competency. I have recommended her in the past to friends and co-workers and have no hesitation about recommending her in the future. Simply put, she's a true, caring professional who takes her work and her clients very seriously.

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